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  • Reiki

    Reiki is worldwide very popular healing technique in which the healer channelalizes the energy to heal the others through the auspicious real feelings to cure. In this te

  • Aura Reading

    Aura Reading is another science which is the basis of almost 90% occult sciences. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is expert on Aura scanning through software.

  • Numerology

    A clever person never offers himself to become the victim of hot winds: he is enough wise to explore the smooth bi-pass. Be clever and act today………..do something fo

  • Pyramids

    Pyramid Power Though Pyramids have been an integral part of each worship place in whole of the world since times immemorable but the Pyramids of Egypt built in their myst

  • Fengshui

    The Chinese Concept Of Vaastu – Literally, Feng-shui means “Flow Of Energy through WIND & WATER”. The word Feng-shui is also represented as “Fung-shwa

  • Vastu

    Vastu, The age old Indian science of architecture and directions: Vaastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. Vaastu is an ancient science of cosmic vibrations/

For Students

Define the study area, sleeping area & Eating area


For Business

The Director of a corporate house or a business


For Home

Vastu advice is essential while selecting a plot,