Jugal Kishore Nahta, Kishanpuri, Patna (Bihar) INDIA

Me, my wife and two kids were enjoying excellent life. Having better position & higher status, I shifted from my M.I.G. flat to a 450 yards Kothi at Patna. Within 6 months my life started turning upside down as I had a huge loss in exports business and my elder son met with a serious bike accident, having narrow escape. My wife had slip-disk problem & I started indulging a group of ‘BAD’ friends. The life was certainly falling in hell. One day my maternal uncle who lives in Calcutta, came to my new grand house.

He had a fair idea about Vastu. He indicated that my toilets & kitchen are located in negative Vastu area, that may ruin my entire health, wealth & harmony. But demolition & reconstruction was not possible in this newly built costly Kothi. Same night, internet surfing to find a best Vastu adviser, I found Dr. Anand’s contacts. I called him, took his advise & could rectify all the Vastu defects without demolition. It was not a magic of a couple of days, but took about 3 months to bring back my good time. Today I recall that would I didn’t call Dr. Bhardwaj, I would be in an L.I.G with lot of family problems.

Jitender Sharma, Nagappa Street, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore

During 1994, when my business was drastically on down trends, my close friend Arvind Jain of Dwarka, New Delhi told me about Vastu & its impacts. He also told me to take the on-site Vastu advise from Dr. Bhardwaj.

And it was November 1994, when my life totally turned to prosperity with the advise of Bhardwaj ji. I am really very thankful to him

Col. M.K. Bhanu, Mount Road, Chennai 600002 – INDIA

When I faced the ever worst possible time of my life having lost my job from a very senior position in an M.N.C., during July, 2003, I had no option than to do a couple of things like1. Introspection- what went wrong with my efforts, 2. Check my stars (planetary position). Truly speaking, my efforts were good & planets were positive. Rakesh Malhotra, my ex-colleague not only requested me to get my house’ Vastu audit by a renowned advisor but also gave phone number of Dr.Anand Vastu Shastri.

That was the first instance of my life when I came across this science. I agreed & called him to have a look at my house. Within a few minutes, he ascertained that this house was perfectly anti vastu hence advised few Fengshui tips. “Shall all these things work?’ was my curiosity. Dr. Bhardwaj emphasized me doing every thing as per his advice. I did exactly according to his guidelines. Within a month, I got a call letter from my ex-employer’s competitor, who offered me a whopping 50% jump in salary with higher rank. Today I contemplate: does Vastu energies work so powerful that they can change one’s life’s definition?

Gurmeet K Singh, Sector-8, Panchkula, Chandigarh

One fine day, my elder brother called some gentleman in the house to discuss something and within a couple of weeks I realized that the interpersonal relations which were turning bitter during last one year, especially after the marriage of both of the brothers, the relations were drastically improved.

I didn’t know the reason, but my elder Bhabi told that it was non but Dr. Anand Ji Bhardwaj, the famous Vastu consultant, who advised certain minor changes in positioning and placement according to Vastu. Today, I tell every one in my circle that Vastu does wonders…

Mohit Madan, Shastri Nagar, Meerut

In fact I was a non-believer of Vastu Shastra, but when my father Shri Hari Nath Ji, who believed in Vastu called Anand Bhardwaj ji & with very minor change in the bed room & bed’s location, my mother gained fast recovery from the past long illness,

I was very much impressed. That day I came to know that Vastu is also a science that works on the principles of energies.

Ritika Gupta, G.K.- II, New Delhi

I have the only daughter studying in class 11 th. In Delhi Public School during 2006 who had a brilliant past till class 8 th. but she started lacking concentration in studies, resulting her rank slided from top three to last five, which worried me. My neighborer Shalini Sachdeva who knew Anand Bhardwaj for last many years, advised me to call him at my house and to show the daughter’s study room. I agreed with her and called Dr.Bhardwaj & took his advise. Dr. Bhardwaj recommended to make only a couple of internal changes in the direction of study table.

I realized the strength of Vastu Shastra when I received the good news of her excellent result in class 12 th. Board exams. It was excellent & upto my satisfaction. After that I disclosed this fact to my husband, who reminded me that he himself asked me to go for Vastu advice of a good Vastu consultant, when my daughter was in class 9 th., but I did not care. Today I think that “Der Aaye, Durust Aaye”

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